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CADViewer JS: Multiple Viewer Instances where polygons and blocks are associated with their AutoCAD Handle as ID for Dynamic Highlight and Text Insertion.

Check out the API at documentation and download samples. Contact us at: developer@tailormade.com or internationalsales@tailormade.com.
Note 1: Install AutoXchange 2019 on server prior to viewing AutoCAD DWG/DXF/DWF files and MicroStation DGN/PCF files.
Note 2: In AX2019 conversion use parameter -rl=MY_ROOMPOLYGON_LAYER (room layer) and -bn=MY_BLOCK_NAME (block name) to create intelligent objects based on AutoCAD Handle ID.

Controls for Both FloorPlans (load the FloorPlans and then select an active FloorPlan Div):

Controls for single Highlight and Block text on selected FloorPlan (select FloorPlan Div above):

Highlight Area:


Highlight Border:

Border Color(HEX):

Border thickness factor:

Change Block Text:

Attribute Line 1:

Attribute Line 2:

Attribute Line 3:

Attribute Line 4:

Attribute Line 5:

Attribute Line 6:

Controls for Legends on selected FloorPlan (select FloorPlan Div above):

Legend 1 Color(HEX):

Legend 2 Color(HEX):

Legend 3 Color(HEX):

Header Text:

Legend 1 Text:

Legend 2 Text:

Legend 3 Text: